Club Communication


After you join, you will be added to our two email lists. We use Yahoo Groups as an email tool to send club-wide emails about special events to current members.  We also have a second email group called “MOMS Club Chat”. The Chat email group consists of past and present Club members and we use this email to ask for recommendations for community resources or to notify the club about events around town.  We have hundreds of past MOMS Club members in our Chat email group and they are a wealth of information to new members of the Club.


Additionally, we have a Facebook group.  We use this page to post and archive Club files so that our members are able to access information easily.  Group discussions and information sharing is also an important part of our Facebook group.  This is a closed group for past and present members only.  You may chose to be added to this group once you join the Club.


We use to schedule and RSVP for events.  Our Meetup page is a closed group and it is only accessible for current members.


We are happy to accommodate Moms that do not have Facebook or Meetup accounts.