Volunteer Positions

MOMS Club Volunteer Positions (One-Year Term):

Board Positions – Board Members are required to meet once a month for a Board Meeting to discuss club business. The time/place of the meeting is up to the Board and varies based on people’s needs.

Coordinator Positions
 – These positions do not require attendance at meetings and are completed on your own time with assistance from the Board as necessary.


Board Members:

President (or Co-President) – This person is responsible for the general maintenance of the Club and making sure it runs smoothly. They are the point person to the MOMS International Club. They are responsible for one year-end report each year with the assistance of the Treasurer.  Responsible for writing (or delegating) a President’s Message for the newsletter each month.

Membership Vice President – This person is the first point of contact for new moms.  They answer new member questions and maintain the general club email.

Service Vice President – We complete a minimum of one service project each year and the Service VP is in charge of organizing it. More projects/outreach can be done as the Service VP sees fit.

Treasurer  – This person is responsible for depositing checks received (from dues and advertisers) and paying bills (only a couple for the year). They complete one report each year with the help of the President.

Newsletter Editor – This person puts together the content for the newsletter each month and distributes it (email).

Secretary – This person is responsible for note taking at all meetings and providing documentation to the Board.



Calendar Coordinator- This person is NOT responsible for all the activities each month. They are simply the point person in assigning club members to create the calendar and to make sure it is submitted to the Newsletter Editor on time.

Advertising Coordinator – This person is responsible for the maintenance of the current advertisers in our newsletter and for obtaining new ads from local businesses (if necessary).  This process is very streamlined.  Advertising experience not required.

Playgroup Coordinator– Responsible for keeping a list of current playgroups in the club and adding new members to playgroups as requested.

Sunshine Coordinator– This person is in charge of organizing meals for moms when new babies are born. There also may be a time when another life event occurs that we will ask the Sunshine Coordinator to assist (bereavement, surgery, etc).