President’s Message

Are you a new mom looking to make friends, network with other parents, and find local activities to keep your kids busy?  We are a support group for moms in Foxboro helping each other navigate life with little ones!  Our aim is to support at-home moms but we do provide support for working moms as well.

Seasoned moms will say things like, “Little kids, little problems” or “The days are long but the years are short.” When you’re running late and one kid hid your keys while the other pooped his pants, or your 4-yr-old wakes you up for the fifth time because she had a dream that you took away her toy, you know that it could be worse, that one day you will look back and miss these early years, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the challenges in the moment. Even with an extremely supportive and helpful husband, experience in psychology, and the input of some of the top medical professionals, I still often feel like this is an impossible job! We’ve all had those moments of thinking, “I’m the worst mother ever!” I can assure you, you are not!

Being a parent is SO HARD!!! We all need the support of family, friends, and our community to be successful parents. I ask you to let the MOMS Club provide that support!  Our network currently has over 180 past and present members, and chances are someone is available to run to the store, give you a ride, babysit, meet for coffee, or just remind you that things will get better!! We also provide meals and other assistance to our members when help is needed due to a birth, death in the family, or other hardship.

Contact us to learn more! We look forward to meeting you!

Erica DuPlessis, President

MOMS Club of Foxboro

Foxboro Central: MOMS Club® of Foxboro (Foxboro Cable Access TV, May 2019)

Watch this interview to meet Erica DuPlessis, President (2017-2019) and learn about what the MOMS Club® has to offer for you and our community!.