Club Information

Weekly Events
The Foxboro Chapter has many weekly events and meet-ups. Events are organized by the Moms Club Board as well as members of the group.The events are a fun way to keep the kids busy and active while hanging out with other moms who are in the same stage of life.

Events can be playground meet ups, library activities, farm visits, holiday activities and so much more!

Playgroups meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Playgroups are formed with children of similar ages and up to 6 moms per group. Once formed, the playgroup determines when and where it will meet, in most cases rotating between members’ homes.

Our goal is to have a playgroup available for any member who would like one. We aim to have you in a playgroup as quickly as possible.

Moms Night Out
In addition to weekly events with the kids, we also host a monthly evening activity for Moms (or Dads) only! This is a fun way for Moms to get out, have some fun and spend time with other women laughing and chatting.

Vibrant Facebook Group
We have an active Facebook Group community that is a great resource of information on town happenings, group activities and parenting support.

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