Club Information

Business Meetings

A business meeting/play date is held on one day a month for all members and their children. Individuals interested in finding out more about the MOMS Club are also invited to attend. The business meeting is a time for the club officers and members to discuss issues concerning the club. These meetings are usually large open play dates with children running around, while their mothers try to discuss relevant club topics.


 The Foxboro Chapter has many playgroups that meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Playgroups are formed with children of similar ages and up to 6 moms per group. Once formed, the playgroup determines when and where it will meet, in most cases rotating between members’ homes. Our goal is to have a playgroup available for any member who would like one; however this doesn’t always happen immediately. We aim to have you in a playgroup as quickly as possible.

Monthly Newsletter

 The Foxboro Chapter publishes a monthly newsletter that is distributed to all current members. The newsletter includes important club news as well as the activity calendar for the month. Each month an activity calendar is determined for the club. Every member is responsible for hosting an event one – three events per year (hosting an event can occur in the community and does not have to be at your residence). The calendar will contain one or two activities each week that members and their children may choose to attend. One night a month is set aside for a Moms Night Out.
MOMS Club members may advertise in the classified section of the newsletter free of charge. Other businesses or people may advertise for a nominal fee.  Please contact us for further information.


 The intention of the Sunshine Committee is to support members in their time of need. This may include bed rest, the birth of a new baby, a tragedy in the family, appointments, or you may simply need a short break. In time of need you usually do not want to ask for help (meals prepared, sitting, errands, etc.), but please do! That is what the MOMS Club® is here for.

Service Projects

 The MOMS Club of Foxboro organizes numerous projects throughout the year that help individuals in our community. The Newsletter will alert you to upcoming service projects. If you are interested in learning about, participating in, or coordinating a project yourself please contact us.